Friday, March 1, 2013

The Night The Ghost Got In

Boundary Street Cemetery, Boundary Street , Newberry South Carolina
In 2001 I and my girlfriend lived in a garage apartment in Newberry South Carolina. We lived there for most of that summer and I have to say that it was during that time that I went through one of the most unusual paranormal experiences of my life.
I won't tell you the exact address but I will tell you the apartment was very near to the old cemetery on Boundary Street in Newberry South Carolina. The cemetery is right across the street from the Boundary Street Elementary School. In case you don't know that school and the schools ball field was built on top of what was once the other part of the Boundary Street Cemetery. Over the years students and teachers at the school have told of seeing ghosts and other paranormal activity at the school and on the school grounds.
We rented our garage apartment in the spring of 2001 and before that summer was over we had experienced some of the most terrifying paranormal activity that I have ever seen or experienced. Before that summer was over we had experienced all types of paranormal activity including a ghost that washed my girlfriends back and a ghost that attacked her and was the reason for us leaving the apartment forever.
I've been around a lot of haunted places and this location was like nothing I have ever seen before. People can claim that orbs are caused by insects and dust and some are. But in the apartment where we lived we would see orbs come in through one window and travel around the three room apartment and then go back out another window. There is no way these orbs could have been anything but real paranormal activity.
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