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Have You Ever Experienced Real Paranormal Activity

Have You Ever Experienced Real Paranormal Activity

Over the years I've seen ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity and I'm contacted several times a day by people seeing ghosts or experiencing some form of paranormal activity. Recently I've been seeing more and more shadow people and I really do wonder why. I've noticed more and more reports of people seeing shadow people and it seems to me that there are more shadow people seen now than ever before. Is there a reason that people are seeing more shadow people now than ever before.

Are You Experiencing Real Paranormal Activity?

People often ask me if they are experiencing real paranormal activity. I ask them what are they seeing or hearing. I often ask them the below questions.

1. What Are They Seeing. Are they really seeing a ghost or experiencing real paranormal activity or is there a logical explanation for what they are seeing. You need to always look for anything that might be creating what you are seeing. Car lights through a window can often create images or shadows they are often mistaken for something else.

2. If doors are opening or closing on their own is it possible that the door is opening or closing when a heater or air conditioner is coming on or going off.

3. If they are hearing sounds in a attic I ask if its possible that the sounds are being caused by a animal. Raccoons and squirrels are often the cause of strange sounds in the attic. All ventilation holes into a attic should be covered with screen to keep bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons out of the attic.

4. If things in a house are moving on their own the first thing you should do is look for a realistic cause for what is going on. Try everything you can to find a logical reason for what is going on. If you can't find a logical reason for what is going on then you may have real paranormal activity going on.

5. If you think you have real paranormal activity going on in your house you should try to find out the full history of your house and the property around it. You need to do your own research and go back as far as possible. You need to find out everything you can about anyone that died in your house or anyone that lived there and died. In most states now realtors have to tell you if they are selling or renting you a house that is haunted.

6. If you do have paranormal activity going on start keeping a detailed journal about what is going in your house. The more details you write down the better off you will be and you can look back later and see patterns of activity.

7. If you are experiencing real paranormal activity or seeing a ghost or ghosts we would like to hear from you. Just click the below link and email us. Someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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