Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Does Bigfoot Or Sasquatch Exist

The question is does Bigfoot or Sasquatch exist? I will try to answer that question to the best of my ability. If you take a close look at the photo above you see a red circle there in the photo. Many people including me now believes that the figure you can see in the photo circled there is a real live Bigfoot and I did not see the creature in the photo when this photo was taken. You may not know it but I am being interviewed there in the photo about my sighting of a Bigfoot a few days before. The people interviewing me there were from the Shelby Star in Shelby North Carolina.

If you click through to the page you'll be able to read about my sighting of the Bigfoot and you can look at the videos. I hope you'll check out the story and the videos. I was there on that country road when Bigfoot crossed the road. I know it was a real creature.

Click Here For The Full Story And To Watch The Videos